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Civil Suits-In Brief

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Magistrate Court -Sessions Court -High Court -Court of Appeal -Federal Court

Limitation Period

Cause of Action to accrue starts depend on the type of cases involved.

Types of Litigant

Individuals -Persons under disability -Incorporated Bodies -Firm -Representative action -Societies and trade union -Third Party proceedings -Interpleader proceedings

Summary Judgment-Examples

Dishonored bill or cheque -Guarantees -Hire Purchase -Leasing Agreement -Goods sold and delivered -Tenancy leases and order possession of Land -Contract

Preventive Relief

Specific Relief Act 1950 -Mandatory Injunctions -Interlocutory Injunctions -Mareva Injunctions -Anton Piller Orders -Interim payment


No case to answer/Inspection by Court/Submission -Accounts and Inquiries -Assessment of Damages -Withdrawal and discontinuance -Leave of Court -Security for Costs

Judgement and Orders

Execution and Enforcement -Writ of Seizure and Sale -Stay of Execution -Writ of Possession -Writ of Delivery -Garnishee Proceedings -Judgment Debtor Summons -Writ of Distress


Appeals from subordinate Court to the High Court -Appeals to the Court of Appeal -Appeals to the Federal Court